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Sunday, 13 July 2014

About "Stories from the Air"

The airline exists to this day, but the adventures of its crew members during the time, belong to the past.

I have built the stories in the book, around those characters and of course, the airline. A liberal dose of  imagination is used in the process. It is my ardent hope, that by doing so, the characters would be unrecognisable; yet for those who are in the department, when they have read a story, they could still say, "I've heard this before."

Did I succeed in this? Can it be done? I really don't know. You could form your own opinion by reading the book.

Stories from the Air is now available at discounted rates in the Kindle edition in certain regions of the world.

US edition
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Australia edition

If you live in other places, buy the printed version from online suppliers.